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Allergy Elimination


Food and Environmental Allergies are significant health concerns for many.  At Skamania Acupuncture Clinic, Allergy Elimination techniques are used to help patients eliminate or reduce the severity of allergic reactions. Allergy Elimination was discovered and developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad, M.D., D.C., L.Ac., Ph.D. in the 1980's while dealing with her own severe food allergies. Dr. Nambudripad discovered techniques that, in tandem with Acupuncture, help to bring an individual's body in energetic balance with the substance(s) they are allergic or sensitive to. in her book Say Good-Bye to Illness, Dr. Nambudripad states, "an allergy is an energy imbalance between the electromagnetic energy of the person and the substance, causing unpleasant physical, physiological and/or psychological reactions in the person’s body.” Skamania Acupuncture Clinic uses Allergy Elimination as it is practiced at Cascade Acupuncture Center.  

Food Allergies are reactions/ symptoms to food, such as gluten/ wheat, dairy, nuts/ seeds, eggs, sugar, fruits, etc. Environmental Allergies are those reactions to pollens, dust, mold, smoke (wood, tobacco), perfume, pet dander, poison oak, etc. At Skamania Acupuncture Clinic, 300 food and environmental allergens are available for testing. The process of allergy testing involves small vials of water and alcohol imprinted with electromagnetic signatures of allergens. Using Applied Kinesiology, a patient is placed in physical contact with the vials and muscle tested for weakness. Muscle testing is a biofeedback technique where a patient resists movement from the practitioner- strong resistance or weak resistance is indicative of sensitivity or lack of sensitivity to an allergen. If a client is holding a vial with a substance they are allergic to, they will have a hard time resisting movement. After identifying allergens, the patient is given percussive massage to the spine while breathing in specific pattens. Finally, the patient receives acupuncture while still in skin contact with the allergen vials. 

For more information about Allergy Elimination, please call Skamania Acupuncture Clinic: (509) 637-3163.